Dens take turns in various roles to help insure our pack meetings are fun and run smoothly. Proper preparation is important, so please do your part to make sure your den is ready. The information below outlines your den’s responsibilities if assigned to that role.

SETUP:The assigned den should ask parents to arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to meeting to help set up tables, flags, pack banner, sound system and projector, decorations, etc.  

OPENING/CLOSING The assigned den should have either their den chief or a boy from the den lead the opening ceremony, while other boys in the den are assigned either as flag bearers or color guards. Flag ceremonies should be practiced as part of den meetings and before the pack meeting to insure they are polished. Contact the Cubmaster to obtain opening/closing ceremony and opening prayer to use, which is typically aligned with the meeting theme for the month. Note that the flags may be too heavy for smaller scouts, so please select flag bearers with this in mind and be sure to practice.

GAME, SKIT OR SONG The assigned den should prepare a game, skit or song (no skit or song during COVID) to provide the entertainment for the meeting. The Internet is full of great ideas, but please be mindful of your audience and keep the “Grandmother Rule” in mind (only present a game, skit or song that your grandmother would not frown upon). Skits and songs should be prepared ahead of time and practiced as part of prior month’s den meetings. Props, costumes, and creativity are encouraged. Contact the Cubmaster before the meeting if there are any special needs for sound system, sound effects, lighting, etc.

DEN REPORT: The assigned den is encouraged to bring crafts, projects, pictures, posters, etc. from den meetings or other activities the den participated in over the previous month. Each boy takes a turn talking about something fun he did or something new he learned. The den report is an excellent opportunity for the boys to practice their public speaking skills. Please ask parents to work with boys ahead of time to insure each is prepared to speak, and practice den reports before the pack meeting. Den leaders should come prepared with leading questions that might help encourage the boys to share their experience and help to put them at ease. We would like to avoid the perception that it is acceptable for boys to “pass” on their report, but also don’t want to force any boy to participate if they are unwilling or not ready. Boys can bring a 3x5 card up for their report if needed. The boys should be reminded that proper, respectful behavior must be maintained during all den reports to insure that each boy is given proper attention. During move up times, the den that will be moving up will be sharing a den report. 

CLEANUP: Den members should remain 10 minutes after meeting to restore room to original state.

Current Den Assignments - please note in March it is the NEW AOL as the current AOL will have moved up and left our pack and the current Webelos will move up to AOL.